4X Lines = 4X Calls = 4X Sales

The more calls you make, the better the chance of increasing your sales. smrtDialer supercharges your team’s sales performance with our incredible full-featured and fully integrated sales dialer.

All in one system

Tired of having to work between multiple systems and not having your sales dialer synced with your CRM and text messaging? We were too. That’s why smrtDialer is fully integrated in your CRM and smrtPhone. Everything in one platform, effortlessly synced.

A campaign for every occasion

Because you select smrtDialer leads from your CRM system, you can quickly and effortlessly create different campaigns for different needs. Set you VAs up with a big cold calling list and your inside sales people with hot lead follow ups. The customization is endless.

Why do our customers love smrtDialer?

  • 1 or 4 Line Dialer
  • Unlimited Campaigns
  • Unlimited Leads
  • Voicemail & Call Back Drops
  • Call Monitoring
  • Call Transfer
  • Auto Resume Calling
  • A.I. Voice Detection
  • Select Campaign Leads from Any Location in Podio
  • Calls logged in Podio
  • Instant local & toll free numbers
  • DNC & Compliance Tools
  • Wrong Number Removal
  • Custom Call Script Forms
  • Custom Data Fields
“smrtDialer integrates everything together. So not only can you dial and dial many numbers and redial them and have campaigns, but everything seamlessly goes into Podio and it tags it as where the lead came from and who generated it and who made the cold call. smrtDialer is seamlessly integrated with Podio and makes it so much easier.”
Larry Goins
The Goins group

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